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Selling to the Federal Government


Your Federal Contract Consultant Providing the what is ‘Meant’ in GovernMent

Are you considering entering the government sector for the first time and need help navigating the unknown? Or have you continually tried and been unsuccessful in creating long-term sales? Whatever your stage, creating a strong foundation is critical. Jumping in this market halfway through without doing the upfront work will always result in less than optimal results. Succeeding in this arena requires a focused effort up front to unravel the red tape. We competitively position your company so you not only have the right to do business with the government but the know-how. So many ‘competitors’ focus on things you need to do later in the process. You will not effectively compete directly, indirectly, or be able to partner... if you forgo early planning to include:

We are not a General Services Administration (GSA) ‘factory’ in which we have people managing over 200 clients on their desk. We are not inexperienced people that have had a one-month training course and now proclaim to be government experts. We are not going to pass our clients around from one section/person to another. Unlike most, we customize our service to meet your needs. The more we get to know you, the better we can form government strategy.

With Courtney Consulting Solutions you get experts that believe in old-fashioned consulting from an ‘insiders’ perspective. You will not get passed around. You will not get canned information about the federal government from a software program. Your company will be provided in depth research on various fronts so you understand the whole picture.

We are often hired to clean up the mess that other government business development consultants or GSA consultants have created. You will be organized and ready for what is ahead. Our training is one on one vs. a seminar one size fits all approach. We train you correctly starting with the very basics on up to government sales and government marketing giving you the confidence to understand the conditions, your platform, the market and people and agencies you should be targeting. This is what you need in order to begin. We know, we have been there. We are located in the San Francisco Bay area in California, Washington DC and the Jacksonville area in Florida but work with clients from all over the country. If you are a firm who has moved beyond the basics and are ready to get serious about developing your federal market opportunities, we look forward to hearing from you.